About Life

About Life

About Life

Life, what say about life,Life isn’t simple as we think. Life fill many up and down.
Everyone’s life is different. It starts from birth goes on until death.
In other words, Life is a journey from birth to till death.
The concept of life is to live free, live hard and protect from bad things.

Alllah give us life to test us in according to their conditions and main objective of this testing is to find the correct path into the life in any condition although Life has another name called Struggles and testing.

Life is composition of happiness,
Sorrow, expectation, believe, hard work, opportunities, ocean of  relation, Struggles, Test , Thrill, Excitements,  etc. Life is mixture of those things, Without those things  life is not possible to Live.

Life is like Roller coaster which has no smooth and straight path, it fill from up and down and certain turn. In  Life, unexpected things, incidents and accidents happens which effect our life.

Many types of phase come in life, At every new phase of life bring new experience , new responsibilities and lots of Surprises. The  main objective of life is to tackle all the phase of life happily and confidentially because life is testing period of human.

Life is very unpredictable and unique because many impossible thing happens  in life in just a minutes and many possible thing is not happen in life. I thought Life is like a actress which act any how in any condition without showing her persanol emotion & feelings.
Life pass from many experiences, every experiences of life, left some good and positive thinks which give some positive intent.
Life is always pretend that good time is near, but the distance of near is too long to come.
If life has Sorrow and life has also happiness, these things maintain the excitement of our life.
End of the day, Life is most beautiful, wonderful, amazing present by the Allah for their creature.
Life give option to us to spent in a good way or bad way it depend upto us, Utilize life in that way everybody give example of your life.
“Live life king size in a good manner.”
That’s all from me, i hope everybody like this article.
So That is my opinion about life in my words, everyone has different opinions about life.
Sorry for any mistakes.


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