What is doubt??
I don’t think anybody not able to answer this question. Everyone should want to protect from this.
In my word, “Doubt is a most disgusting and worst thing of life.”
I believe that doubt is the worst thing of life which comes in a someone’s life and make life hell.
But doubt is a part of human nature but everyone should control on that, because doubt put by the devil in humsn life. Doubt thinking is a thinking of devil. So please beware of this.
Unnecessary doubt will effect your relation, because in this world, you can earn money, buy luxurious and valuable thing, and so on which is necessary for living in life but relation, you can’t buy this from any store or any shop.
Because relation depends on the human behaviour which way they think in a positive manner or a negative. Doubt is break the trust and break older relationship in easily.
So Beware of this.


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