Love is amazing and important part of life, without love life is not possible.
Love is one of the amazing creation of Allah to their mankind. Love is feeling which feel one person to other person. Love has quality of making a great person and also demolished to good person. Every single person need love in their life, but some of the people would respect and appreciate love which found from our beloveds.
Some people, they don’t respect the love which they got from others,
After the time past, then they realised, that the important part of life was waste it and that people dont able to understand what is love?
I heard about love from many people and also watched in bollywood movies that “love is blind”. I didn’t understand meaning of “Love is blind” because love has no eye. I didn’t find any statement which support or favor this line. But in my personal point of view the meaning of “Love is Blind” is that love has unconditional faith of each other so every person who love to other person they are both trust on each other.
The quality of love to trusting each other without any condition. People are used as weapon.
In a present scenerio, people are
Using love as a medium of con to other people and just used to make their work.
Instead of that, Some people’s Love is true, they have true love feeling for their beloved ones. Definately i respect that people.
I am not saying that love is waste and all. I am trying to say that for those people who is use love for their wrong desire and beware from those type of people.Because Love is priceless, and important thing in our life. So respect Love.
Love to all people, respect the true Love.


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