Childhood’s Day

Childhood’s day are best days of life, where no tension, no fear, no stress, no competition, no work and no responsibilities. Only just fun in life and spend those day with fun and without feeling any strees and tension.
Enjoy these days with parents and in schooling and then spend all day with parents.
But on that stage, we do not realise importance and freedom of that days.
We learnt a lot from those days which give a lifelong experience to live life with happiness and joy.
Every children, childhood had not full with pleasure and comfortability.
These days are best days of life.
But at that time, we think everyone put restrictions on us.
Childhood’s day had been passed and growing as child then teenager and then young and turn into older citizen.
Life is passing quickly without giving any another chance to correct the mistake.
In younger age, we realise that childhood days are the best days of our life.
These days are cannot be return by any how.
I’m missing my childhood days.


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