An Indian went to London to meet a professor who had taught him Shakespeare’s plays. When the student reached his home, he saw Shakespeare’s books spread all over his table. He asked him: You are a senior professor teaching Shakespeare since long, and you still study Shakespeare? The professor replied in all seriousness: You know, the students are committed to my care. I must prepare myself to do justice to them. If you have the feeling that you must understand what the Quran says because you have to face God after death, you will become very serious. You will try to know what God will ask you after death. The incentive to do dawah will compel you to read the Quran so that you say only what God wants you to say. The professor had to only face students in class, but you have to face eternal life after death. You will become very keen to know what the Quran wants from you and what you should say while doing dawah. Thus, you will become million times more serious than the above professor. 

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan


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