Two Kinds of People

God created Prophet Adam and settled him in Paradise. Adam was asked not to approach the forbidden tree. But he ate the fruit of this tree and was removed from Paradise. Thereafter, he was extremely repentant. God accepted his prayers and again destined Paradise for him. Adam represents the kind of person who makes mistakes during his life in the present world, but turns repentantly to God when he recognizes his mistakes and reforms himself. Such people will be selected for Paradise. On the other hand, Iblis disobeyed God’s command to bow down before Adam and refused to admit his mistake. God, in turn, deprived Iblis from His blessings. These two characters tell us about human history. Some people will make mistakes, but will immediately repent and return to the right track. The other group of people, who never admit their mistakes and show no repentance, will forever be deprived of God’s blessings.

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan


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