My First Article for College Magazine On “A DESIRE OF A TREE”

“A DESIRE OF A TREE”treesHi, I am tree from green forest. I am writing my life story included with my last desire. Being a tree, I was born and bought up in the forest where I spent my time enjoying the Beauty of the nature and the essence of the soil. I enjoyed the warm sunlight and the cool natural breeze every day.
As I grow up gradually, many living creatures such as small birds and insects started taking shelter in my shade. I am glad; I could offers shelter to many such creatures. They used to play on me, love me, and our relationship was more beautiful than best relation of the world. My life was so beautiful and joyful but like other stories, mine also came to a tragic end.

A few days ago, a group of real estate developers entered the forest and began to uproot my friends one after the other.
As I live in the middle of the forest my turn is yet to come. The sight of the birds and creatures running away to save their lives stole the forest of its glory.
It was heart-breaking to see the once lush forest left barren.

My chance to be uprooted is coming soon, but before that, I wanted to make an appeal to all humans, which is the main intention of this Story.
“Please help us, save us”

We demand you nothing but a little security for our friends. We are the reason you have rainfall, we are the responsible for the rich resources, we are here to serve you.
What would happen if all of us were uprooted no rains, no water, no shelters for animals no cool breeze, only thing left a land full of pollution and ecological imbalance.
If not for yourself, at least think of your future generation what would they have? “Can you provide them a pollution free atmosphere.”  Can they lead their life happily?  I am writing this note not for sympathy, but to create in awareness among people.

Because: – Trees are green gold.


“Don’t destroy the greenery and don’t spoil the scenery. Save Earth.

 Stop deforestation let’s give a beautiful nature to the future.”


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