In Pursuit of Peace: The Roadmap to Harmonious Societies

In Pursuit of Peace: The Roadmap to Harmonious Societies

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan’s talk at Reviving the Islamic SpiritConvention in Toronto, Canada, December 2015

The Prophet of Islam observed, ‘A wise man is one who is aware of his times.’ This awareness is necessary for right planning. In the present age, some Muslim groups are engaged in violence and militancy, but they have failed to achieve any positive result. This is because, unaware of their times, their planning was not right.

The present age is the age of peace. There is a great abundance of opportunities today that everyone can avail of using peaceful means. In the previous age, kings and landlords had a monopoly over things. But, the present age is an age of de-monopolization. In today’s age, everything is for everyone. The old saying ‘might is right’ has lost relevance in the present age. In this age, peace is the greatest strength. 

The Prophet Muhammad said, ‘God grants to peace what He does not grant to violence.’ Today, this statement is has become an established fact. In this age, everyone is entirely free to work towards their desired goal, provided they refrain from violence. One who understands the spirit of the age will avail of the present opportunities through peaceful means.


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