Spirit of Charity

Spirit of Charity

The Quran says that when true believers help others in charity, their hearts tremble with fear. When we give something to somebody we are the givers and the other is the taker, so we should develop pride, but why does the Quran say that the believers tremble in fear? The reason is that when a believer gives away in charity to a needy person, he sees his own self in that person. He realizes that this person is needy today while I would become needy and deprived in the Hereafter. This realization instils fear in his heart and his giving in charity turns into a prayer: ‘O God, one day I too will appear before You as a person in need. Do not keep me deprived on that day.’ A believer derives a lesson for himself from every incident. When seeing a helpless person, we should remember that we too are helpless before God.

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan


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