Lessons from Fasting

Lessons from Fasting

During fasting you abstain from food and water. So, whenever you eat food and drink water you should realize that they are great blessings from God. If you do not get food and water for even a day, you feel extremely hungry and thirsty. You should thus think what would happen to you if you are continually deprived of food and water. In this way the month of Ramadan reminds you of the Hereafter. After death all the blessings of life will be taken away. No one has the power to take anything from this world to the next world. To some these blessings will be given again in a perfect form, while others will be eternally deprived of them. Those who lead their life according to the creation plan of God will be rewarded and those who go against it will not be given anything. While fasting, when a person is hungry and thirsty, he becomes conscious of God’s blessings and develops eagerness to follow the right path, so that these blessings are not taken away from him after death. 

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan


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