​Eid Message: Post-Ramadan Planning 

​Eid Message: Post-Ramadan Planning

“In the month of Ramadan, Muslims read the Quran extensively, both in prayer and outside of prayer. This reading or recitation of the Quran is meant not only ritually, but should be done with contemplation. While reading the Quran, one would come across a verse which says that God sent the revelation for all mankind. (34:28) This means that the message of the Quran ought to be conveyed to people until all times to come. The mission of the Prophet did not come to an end after his death, rather it has to be continued by the Muslim community. This is the post-Ramadan planning in which Muslims all over the world should engage in. They must make it their mission to convey the word of God to all mankind. ”
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan



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