​Sincere Intention for Dawah

“A very important aspect of Islam is that in every situation it teaches you to live in hope. The first verse of the Quran is ‘Al-hamd’, that is ‘O God, all thanks to You.’ God wants people to live in hope, which means that the world in which He has placed them is also full of hope. The Prophet also said, ‘Actions are based on intention.’ If you make sincere intention for something, then that is equivalent to the action to be performed. Professor Siddiqi always used to say that if God gave him good health, he would devote himself to dawah work. Thus God has written him down as a dayee, as far as his pure intention was concerned. His death has not brought an end to his intention. As long as there would be need for dawah in this world, his intention would continue. This is a great reward: although a person has died, he will still receive reward as he had made intention for dawah. Thus whenever dawah will be performed by others, he too will receive reward.”
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan


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