​God Made You for a Higher Purpose

Robert Clive was a clerk in the East India Company. This was way back in the eighteenth century. His salary was a mere 5 pounds a year. He felt it wasn’t enough for him. And so, one day, he decided to end his life. He pointed his revolver to his head but it misfired. Then, suddenly he cried out that God had made him for a big task! After this, he joined the East India Company’s Army, and slowly, he reached the top. Robert Clive went on to become instrumental in establishing British rule in India. 
The Quran and the Hadith tell us that if God prevents a task from happening the way you had planned it, it is a clue that He wants you to do something else. The Prophet once said that when God loves a people, He tests them through difficulties. This is so that you can rethink your life, that can you re-plan your life. If your plans do not get fulfilled, it is an indication from God. It tells you that He has created you for something bigger than what you are presently involved in. God has not made you to make this world your goal and purpose and to get lost in it. He has created you to worship Him. So, instead of chasing the world, devote yourself to God-realization and inviting other people to God.

Moses was brought up in Pharaoh’s palace, but God created such conditions that his stay there could not continue. This was because God had created Moses, not to live in the palace, but for a far higher purpose, to call people to God. So, be grateful for the seeming setbacks and problems you face in life. They may be God’s way of telling you that He has some other, higher purpose. 
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan



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