​Problems and Opportunities 

One of the realities of life have been mentioned in the Quran in these words: ‘With every hardship there is ease.’ This means that there are opportunities alongside problems. When faced with a problem do not despair, rather try to identify the opportunities present in the situation. A problem never comes alone. Just as a flower comes with fragrance, opportunities always come with problems. A person should think positively and look for opportunities. The best formula of life is to ignore the problems and avail the opportunities. If you do not become negative or start complaining, your mind will automatically begin to search for opportunities. One should never allow one’s mind to become negative, rather one should remain positive in every situation. Positive thinking is the basis of all good while negative thinking is the root of all evil. The Creator has created the world in such a way that problems never come alone, rather they always come with opportunities. In life no situation can arise in which there are only problems and no opportunities: this would go against the law of nature. If one is aware of this, one would maintain one’s positivity and think along constructive lines. This single formula can serve as a solution to all of one’s problems.
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan


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