​Tests of Life
According to Islam, life is a test. Whatever happens in the world is for test. ‘Test’ appears to be a negative term. Actually, ‘test’ means that in this world whatever situation we face is an opportunity to develop our personality. Every test is a blessing in disguise. If we keep ourselves positive, each test we face will help in our intellectual development and boost our creativity. When we face a test, at that moment we feel that we are in the midst of a great problem. But it is not a problem, rather it is for our own development. For example, I know a boy whose father died when he was young. Apparently this was a disadvantage, but the result was that the boy developed the incentive to work hard and then emerged successful. An unwanted situation produced a wanted result. Testing situations activate our inner potential. To stand the tests we face, we have to maintain our positivity. 
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan



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