​The Identity of Muslims

A report in the newspaper cited a Pakistani Muslim leader as saying that after 9/11 Pakistani Muslims in America face discrimination in jobs. Thus many Pakistanis hide their identity and say that they are Indian so that they can get jobs, because jobs are their greatest concern. If you make something your concern, you do not think about anything. So, the Companions of the Prophet did not think about anything when they decided to leave Arabia and migrate to other places to convey the message of God to people. They did not give any thought to questions such as where they would live or what they would eat. They left because they only had the mission in their mind. The Quran says that the identity of Muslims is that they are witnesses for God, that is, they have to engage in conveying the message of God to all. If Muslims lose this identity, they are valueless in God’s eyes. Muslims change their identities for finding jobs, but do not take seriously the issue of standing before God. Muslims’ identity is at stake in God’s eyes, as they do not do dawah. Dawah can happen only if Muslims have well-wishing for the people to whom they have to convey the message of God. If Muslims have hate for the West, they can never be well-wishing for them. Having hatred or complaints for those to whom the message of God is to be conveyed is thus unlawful. 
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan


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