​The Role of Prophets in History

Prophets came throughout history. The first man, Adam, was also a prophet. Muslims have developed notions such as their Prophet is the king of all prophets, and no other prophet is needed. This is baseless. The Quran says: ‘God guided all prophets, so you take guidance from them.’ (6:90) All prophets are guides for us. Prophets played a very important role in history: it was because of them that divine truths remained alive during whole of history. Other people were involved in battles and conquests, but the prophets worked to disseminate spiritual realities. Each of the prophets has an example to be followed. For example from Prophet Adam, we learn a very important prayer, which had been inspired in him by God. The prayer is: ‘O God, we have wronged ourselves. If you do not forgive us and have mercy on us, we shall be at loss.’ So through Prophet Adam we learn that if we make a mistake and repent sincerely, God would forgive us. Similarly, Prophet Jesus had said: ‘Love your enemy’. This teaches us that we do not have to divide people between friends and enemies, rather all are our friends. From the life of Prophet Joseph we learn that he was cast into a well. But when those who were guilty of this act came before him years later, he forgave them. Every prophet thus has a unique lesson. 

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan


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