​Ups and Downs of Life 

Every person experiences high and low phases of intellectual development. There is no uniformity in this matter. This is not a bad sign. A person should continually engage in introspection. There are times when a person is not able to discover anything new, but these fluctuations are a part of nature. The way of overcoming low phases of one’s intellectual development is to never put a stop to one’s thinking process. It is important to note that uniformity is not a good thing. There is friction on the roads so that vehicles can move. If the road had been smooth as glass, vehicles would have slipped away. Similarly, we face hurdles in life so that our minds are jolted, can work hard and rethink. The points in life when we face obstacles are actually meant for our revitalization. To have ups and downs is a healthy sign, as the low points force us to think more and reactivate us. 
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan


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