Reason and Intuition

​Reason and Intuition 

There are two stages in the search for truth, just as there are two stages in the launching of a rocket. The first engine takes the rocket to a certain height and the second engine drives it higher. The search for truth begins with rational pursuit, that is, to think on the basis of knowledge, observation and study. But a time comes when rational pursuit reaches a limit. After this stage, we are helped further in our search for truth by intuition. Rational pursuit helps us know the truth only in the technical sense, but intuition gives us conviction. After a certain stage reason reaches a limit, but here one’s inner nature begins to guide one: this is intuition. When rational pursuit corroborates your intuition, you have reached the truth. Knowing the truth in the technical or rational sense is not enough, your entire inner personality should be convinced. This can happen only when you move from reason to intuition. 

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan


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