Flowers and Thorns

The Quran says: “With every hardship there is ease.” (94:5) This means that in this world it is not possible for a person to only have happy and pleasant circumstances. When God Himself has made roses with thorns, how can you wish to have a rose plant which has no thorns? The law of nature in this world is that difficulties and problems will always exist alongside happiness and joy. One cannot be detached from the other. Just as we cannot detach thorns from a rose plant, similarly we cannot detach unpleasant circumstances from situations of joy. No person can enjoy a life of absolute comfort such that he is completely devoid of sorrow.
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan




Ease with Hardship

The Quran says: “With every hardship, there is ease.” (94:5) This verse was revealed at a time when Muslims had to go through many difficulties in Makkah. At that time, the believers had developed complaints, as they were being afflicted with hardship. This is why the above verse was revealed. Here God is saying that He has made the world in such a way that it is not possible that a difficulty would be present without ease. Ease is always present along with a difficulty. Therefore one should keep patience and try to resolve the matter. The Prophet said that a believer relies on patience. This means that in difficult situations, we should keep patience. When we face a problem, we should not try to eliminate the problem itself, rather we should patiently try to resolve the issue.

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan